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  1. Is it recommended for specific type of mattress only?
  2. Which side should be visible when placed on my mattress?
  3. At what temperature should I wash my mattress and pillow protector?
  4. Can I dry my mattress protector in the dryer?
  5. Can I dry clean my mattress and pillow protector?
  6. Can I use bleach when I wash my mattress protector?
  7. Can I hang my mattress protector out in the sun to dry?
  8. Can I iron my mattress protector?
  9. Can I sterilize my mattress protector?
  10. Does the skirt need to go directly under the mattress?
  11. Are the sides of the mattress protector covered under warranty?
  12. Will the mattress protector protect me against dust mites?
  13. What is the miracle membrane?
  14. Will the mattress protector protect my mattress from stains?
  15. My cat urinated on my bed, no liquid or stains got through my mattress protector, however there is a strong smell of urine. Why?
  16. What do I do if I spill something on my mattress protector?
  17. My protector has brown scuff marks on the miracle membrane.
  18. My protector has bubbles or blistering appearing on the miracle membrane.
  19. The miracle membrane has changed colour over time. Will this affect the integrity of the protector?
  20. Does the Protect-A-Bed warranty cover stains?
  21. Can I use and Electric blanket with Protect-A-Bed
  22. Should I place my woolen underlay under or on top of the Protect A Bed
  23. Is it recommended that I wash my mattress and pillow protector before I put it on my mattress?